A Missoni Poncho! No Effing Way!

The Highland Fashionista's inner Thrift Bandit has scored again. I am still not believing that I found this Missoni poncho, with the tags still on it, for a song at a Glasgow vintage shop! I love the orange and grey stripe pattern, and this will work well over a tank in the summer, or a turtleneck in winter! Yesss! 

And now, I would like you to take a moment to observe my victory dance. 

First you tap your feet...and don't forget the jazz hands people...jazz hands!

And then you make a gesture to the heavens, so the gods of Thrift will shine upon you...

...followed by some slow lyrical rocking back and forth in place...the introspective part of the victory dance...

The Big Finish, as you would expect, is a fast tap sequence...

Thrift victory is mine!

Missoni poncho (thrifted)
New Look skinny jeans
Zara sandals
Silver ruched cuff (my own...an awesome similar one is here)


  1. Wow, result! It's gorgeous - I do like a spot of Missoni, shame I can't afford it and all our local charity shops are full of Primark & other cheap tat. Goes perfectly with your Zara sandals.

    1. That is usually my experience too, which is why I still am not quite believing that this was just sort of hanging there. The shop assistant said it had just been put out and had I not come by, she would have taken it home. And no, I did not feel guilty...not even for a second.

  2. Oh my, you win for the Find of the Month! (year?) This poncho is fabulous and you've styled it like a model right off the runway, HF. Dance on!

  3. WOWEE!!! I'd be dancing too if I'd found that. Great sandals too! Missoni does the best color mixes.

  4. You're one happy thrifter with that one amazing Missoni.....glad to have found you!!!


  5. Love! Assuming you will keep not sell! It looks so lovely on you.


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