And The Winner Is...

Well, it has been a short visit here in the USA.  I'll be heading back to the UK on Monday, my bag exponentially heavier than it was when I arrived. I have just finished the online check-in and selected my seat. Like the sucker that they obviously know I am, I paid the extra money for a "comfort economy" seat.  Seeing as though "comfort" and "economy" used in this way seems to be such an obvious oxymoron, one can't help but think that the real moron in this narrative is me. My wallet certainly tells me so.

But I digress. Lets talk about clothes some more. It is, after all, the double-sided garment tape that binds us. There has been some pretty serious thrift shopping going on this week, but I have to say, the overall winner of this week's Midwest Thrift Shopping Derby was my mother.

Before I continue, I would just like to point out that the woman in the photo is, in fact, my mother. This woman is seventy years old. Seventy. And this is her in her new dress, found at the local Goodwill, for $4.50. I believe it is an Express dress. 

I know, right!? Pretty much blows the notion of what we are always
told is "age appropriate" right out of the water, doesn't it?
Take a hike Talbots! Up yours Chicos!  I'll wear Express!
the shoes are Nine West

Seventy.  (For  #%&%!!  sake!!).  I'm sure that at this point, like me, most of you have now lost whatever self-esteem you might have had when you woke up this morning, so I am going to utter one more quick congratulations to my Mom for winning the score of the week with that amazing dress, then move briskly on to just a few more remaining thrift shopping highlights. Quickly. While the rest of us still have a bit of will to live left in us...

My sister discovered she looks really good in coral and thusly scored a coral dress.

I found this down vest from Old Navy at Goodwill, tags still on.  It looks just like one I might have had back in the 70s and 80s.

And in keeping with the "things from my youth" theme, I decided I had to have these sunglasses with the name of my hometown printed on the side. They're like the ones they used to give away at malls and theme parks back in the 80s!! I am not known for my maturity. Oh, and they were 99 cents. 

My final score was this amazeballs sweater, again from the Goodwill. Acrylic and wool, tons of detail, peplum...and you all know that I love me some peplum.  Check this out. 

Love. It. Seeing as though I am nearly six feet tall, normally I shy away from things with a lot of volume. But I fell in love with the texturized sleeves on this, and the peplum hits in just the right place. 

Love the sleeves. About as close to an Elizabethan period costume as I dare to go...

The notched collar....texture....

And that concludes the Midwest Thrift Shopping Derby for another season.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  If you are in the Minneapolis, Amsterdam, or Glasgow airports tomorrow, I'll see you there!


  1. Your mother is certainly beautiful. Looks like you got those good genes!

  2. I am 56. I have NEVER looked as good as your mother does! You and your sister CLEARLY have gotten the good genes. What hope is there for the rest of us (sigh)!

  3. You are all too kind. Lets hope it is genetic.....time will tell....

  4. Exactly! Now we know where you got it from!

  5. I cannot believe that picture is of a seventy year old woman. I just can't! She looks great, whatever her real age is. (I'm sure your mother will love you anyway. You don't need to inflate her age to get on her good side. LOL)


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