Gray Hair, Strong Makeup, & I No Longer Hate Foundation.

Yes, it's true. I have managed to mend my relationship with foundation, at least for now.  As I have previously mentioned, this is largely due to the discovery of Lisa Eldridge's website and the importance she places on having the right products, especially as we get to be (cough) over (cough) forty. (Ahem!) What was that? Nothing. Moving on...

So one of the big lessons I have learned on the back of Lisa E's makeup lessons is that I have been wrongfully existing without a decent primer. My quest to get away with as few steps as possible were costing me dearly in the departments of glow, youthfulness, makeup longevity, and texture, to name just a few. So with some of the recommendations on her website, followed by some serious review-reading on the internet (nothing is as good as some judiciously considered peer reviews....this is science after all), I decided upon the following two products, in no particular order, pictured here in their relaxed and natural habitat.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
I got this for nine pounds at Superdrug. Yesss.

Nobody has anything bad to say about this foundation. And Lisa E uses it again and again in her videos. It took me a few tries to get the amount right, and with a primer, that amount is tiny. It lasted all day at work, and didn't change colour or sink into any of my cracks. The foundation that says no to crack(s). Relationship restored.

Daniel Sandler Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20
I got it on Amazon. 

This primer works like a charm. Although it is probably no different than a lot of products like it, I like that it isn't sparkly and has SPF 20, so I will be tricked into wearing it, even when I am feeling lazy.  Americans, I think this is a British brand, but the world is a much smaller place than it used to be, thanks to the new-fangled technology of the interwebs, so despair not.

Now. On to the fun stuff. I would like to dedicate this next bit to all of you who, like me, have decided not to bother their arses with hair dye and are rocking their natural gray hair. Everything you read about having gray hair steers you towards light makeup, pinks, greys, natural, natural, natural! And yes, while I find that I have to wear less makeup overall, I disagree with the concept of shying away from colour. Especially when considering a dramatic evening look. 

So. I have decided I will be using myself as a guinea pig and testing some of the looks on Lisa Elderige's website over the next wee while, to see if they work for women with silver hair. Granted, I am mostly gray in the front, so I am really more of a salt and pepper, zebra kind of a gal. A kind of half-blood if you are into the whole Harry Potter thing. Anyway, I thought I would start with one that will probably work on just about every woman with gray hair. Okey-dokey, here goes. Oh, and check-out her Lulu Guinness lips ring in the video. Sweet!

And here is the long-awaited result. While I did this look exactly as Lisa did in her video, In reality I would probably skip the red lip and go for a classic nude lip.  Maybe. Although like her, I actually kind of liked myself in the red lip too. Very vampy though. The look in person is much more dramatic than on my homegrown photos. But still.  I liked this look, and will definitely be using it in the future. Purple, despite seeming like such an 80's throwback colour, is actually a good friend to most women, and especially so with gray hair. Purple Smokey Eye Look, you may stay. 

The eyes...Are you mesmerized? 


  1. I like the purple eye! And I think the red lip goes really well, surprisingly.

    1. I know...It is a bit counter-intuitive isn't it? It is always drilled into us that you only highlight one thing, eyes OR lips. Oh, the freedom!

  2. So I checked out her website after viewing the "no makeup makeup" video on your blog, and now I'm all obsessed with trying to get this right. I went into Ulta and came out dazed and confused. I might just start with what you have here. I look forward to your experiments. Thank you for your service to silverkind.

    1. You're welcome. Hell, I'm just thrilled someone is actually reading this! Silverkind....nice one. :)

  3. I have fair skin, am WAYYYY over 40, and have a lot of red in my t-zone. The only primer/foundation combo I have found that covers it up, evens everything out, and stays on all day is from the Redness Solutions line by Clinique. I cover my face with the RS Daily Relief Cream, followed by the RS Daily Protective Base (primer), then the RS Makeup. I hate all the steps, but it really looks good.
    I love your purple smokey eye and the red lip. I'm still coloring my hair because, unlike you, I look very washed out with grey hair, and I haven't worked up the nerve for a red lip. But maybe you'll end up inspiring me!
    Thanks for an entertaining, educational, and inspiring blog.

    1. Anne, you are very welcome. Thanks for reading. I was toying with the idea of the clinique daily protective base, but the greenish tint scared me. I still may give it a go just to have something different in my cache.

    2. Don't be scared by the green tint. It doesn't look green once it's on your skin. I let it sit a couple of minutes before I put on the foundation, and it's fine.


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