I Flipping HATE Foundation - Part One

There is nothing quite like the realization that you may not be as good at something as you have been leading yourself to believe for say, the past 41 years.  Delusions of grandeur. Or, in my case, delusions of adequacy. These past few days, I have had just such an epiphany. I have been hooked to Lisa Elderidge's website for the past few days, and have only come up for air long enough to make a few lists for my trip to Boots later today.

Chillaxin' with Lisa in my new No-Makeup makeup look) that I learned from her instructional videos.
I used tinted moisturizer and a lot of concealer, as I cannot stand the way my foundation looks right now. 

Lisa Eldridge is a makeup artist with credits about five miles long, and her website is amazing. She gives makeup lessons. Fantastic, step by step makeup lessons on just about how to do everything from day to day stuff to some kick-butt party looks (watch this space....peacock eyes!).  She herself is also a very beautiful English rose, with the kind of complexion that those of us with sort of non-committal, sallow, olive-y undertones would kill for. Watching her videos is sort of like watching a beautifully exquisite rare bird putting makeup on its beak...or something.

So far, here are the things that I have learned about my own (former) approach to makeup.

  1. I am not wearing the right foundation in any of the right places, in any of the right amounts. Arg.
  2. I need to get over the whole oil free matte thing. I'm over forty and I just have to deal.
  3. I need a primer. A real one. 
  4. A tinted moisturizer is not enough for me anymore. Okay, maybe on vacation and around the house.
  5. I have been wearing too much eye makeup with my daily routine. Embarrassing.
  6. I have been putting too much powder over my makeup, when I have been wearing it. And If I'm not, clearly I am not wearing enough. I am both chalky and shiny. 
  7. I need to do a better job of wearing sunscreen every day.
  8. I need to stop buying the two pound facial cleanser from Tesco.
  9. There is something weird going on with my brows...they're getting bigger. (This is just an observation, not something I learned on her site, but still).
  10. I suck at everything

Anyway, welcome readers, to my new obsession. If you would like to follow along, you can look at her video at the bottom of the post on how to do a perfect no makeup makeup look, which is a perfect place to start for a low-key look. I thought about going big, but am not convinced that the Highlands are ready for Peacock Eye yet.

Now to continue on with my list-making. Product aisle....look out. I'm coming.


  1. aren't her videos fabulous?!?!?!
    So glad you've discovered her.
    Also, remember makeup is for fun. And, the more you just 'play around' with it, the better you will get :)

  2. I adore her also. She is so soothing and informative.I have found the best tinted moisturizer that I use on part of my face. I much prefer it to any of the tined moisturizers out there. This is very sheer and just gives a beautiful glow. Check it out and call Fredrique. She's become a friend because I've been purchasing this for years. http://iqbeauty.com

    Oh, this is going to be fun going through the makeup stuff with you.
    www.apartfrommyart.com Just started blogging.

  3. PS, I'm already grey so love your posts on grey hair. I started young also.

  4. Oh, I adore her also. She has such a soothing way about her. While your in the states there is a wonderful tinited moistuizer I use from IQ Beauty.com

    Check it out very light and sheer. Makes my skin glow in the best way.

    1. Sandy, as you have orobably figured by now, I cannot resist trying a new recommendation, so I will pick some up when I am back in the US...which will be in just a few short weeks!

    2. We must discuss more. I've been on a mission also, since watching Lisa. I also went grey when young. Check out my art website and look at "my studio." There are photos of me with my grey hair. We've got to stick together! www.sandrasallin.com

  5. I definitely do not know a lot about make-up either. I will watch now..Thsnks hun!
    Sheree xxx

  6. She's fabulous! Great teacher and artist! So much to learn.

  7. What I have recently learned is BB cream is sooooooo much better than foundation! I tried a few of them and settled on the Marcelle brand. A little powder on top and it's photo ready!


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