Silver and Bronze

Right. Makeup time again people. This time I wanted to test out a look that is more everyday-wearable than my last little foray into deep purple eyes and red, red lips. This time around, I have decided to go with Lisa Eldridge's "Easy Glowy Bronze 'n' Kohl Look". I realized after I had finished watching the video that this is actually a look I had sort of been unknowingly using throughout my twenties when I had the tan that comes with being a cruise ship employee (I know, I know...there's no such thing as a healthy tan). But alas, those days are behind me now, and I have been shying away from bronzer ever since I decided to let my hair go gray, as everything you see and read on the subject of bronzer and silver hair tells you to avoid it or risk looking ashy, dirty, uneven, old, jaundiced....whatever. Just plain bad.

But once again, I disagree. Like so many things in life, the final result is all down to the skill in which said bronzer is applied. Here have a looksee.

A few things about this; I didn't do my neck.  Or my hands. In fact, I've actually never done that. Even though it is nearly November and I am not exactly glowing with the sun's warm rays, I didn't want to risk having makeup all over my collar and scarf, as I was planning on sporting my white Alexander Wang mock turtle sweater and heading off to Tesco after I completed this look. Which I did. And looking very sun-kissed and fresh too I might add.  I used more bronze that I probably would have otherwise, as I was conscious of the photograph's limitations and the complete lack of natural sunlight this time of year in Scotland. I wanted the look to come through the computer and into your homes. You're welcome.

So is bronze really a verboten colour for us silver-haired gals? Nah. I think Lisa nailed it when she instructed us to put just a hint of pink on over the bronze. That is the secret to success, in my opinion, and it keeps the dreaded Orange Face Syndrome at bay.  Here is my finished look.


Products Used


  1. So what did you use as a Bronzer? I use Nars Laguna with a big fluffy Sephora brush. My face has never looked better and I'm much older than you, and I'm grey.

    I would like to try Rouge Bunny Rouge in??? Hm, forgot the name.

    1. Oh, whoops...I realize that I forgot to include the bronzer....Believe it or not, I used Wet and Wild bronzer, I think it is called desert goddess. It is a really natural matte bronzer with just a hint of a pinkish undertone. I have used it for years and love it dearly. And it is only about 2.99, so its a steal. Going to go out and try one with some sparkle in it next though....maybe the Becca one.

  2. Looks great! You have the most amazing eyebrows too!

  3. I love how your silver is interspersed with the dark brown and makes you glow. Very sexy and sophisticated!


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