The Cosby Sweater Rides Again, And Other Quandaries

News Flash: I am a person who loves fashion. And so it follows that I also love trends. That is not to say that I  blindly follow each and every trend that appears. No, often I love more the idea and the process of trends than the trends themselves. I always find it a bit silly when people tell me that they don't pay attention to is nearly impossible to live in the image-conscious modern world and do so. Trends are everywhere,  not just in the fashion world. The cars we drive, the colour of our many of us (by our own accord) are still buying harvest gold and avocado green appliances? Exactly.

I think trends in some way signal an indication that you, like the winds of fashion itself, are willing to accept new ideas and evolve with them. And then do crazy s*** like wear neon headbands or baggy drop-crotched satin pants with a giant plaid snood.  Or maybe just try a slightly different cut of jean. It doesn't have to be big. Just different.

So when confronted with a trend,  I neither embrace it unconditionally, nor dismiss it out of hand. Instead, I ask myself, will I try this?  A recent internet peruse of fall "must-haves" brought to my attention the resurgence of a few such fall/winter trends. 

Trend 1: The Graphic Sweater

Kenzo Sweater $594 (gulp)
photo Shopstyle

Will I try this? 
Yes, probably.  But I will most certainly not be trying this for nearly six hundred bucks. After all, this sweater looks oddly familiar.

Dr. Huxtable himself
photo NBC

No, as much as I love a print, I will exercise extreme caution with this one, keeping with something space-dyed, or perhaps a Missoni knit as opposed to the Full Cosby. And with an upper-limit on price. Certainly not a six hundred dollar purchase...but will I wear a graphic sweater? Yes. Yes I will.

Trend 2: Face Lace

Face Lace, from 13 to 50 GBP at Harvey Nichols
Photo Harvey Nichols

I'm sorry....what!? Face lace!?!? What the....WHAAAT!?



Admittedly I did not know that this was even a thing. I am behind in my fall magazines right now because of my travelling and various freelance projects (a good thing I suppose), so I must have missed this.  Plus, I'm not a twenty year-old going to a rave, a goth renaissance-festival regular, or a character from the Star Trek franchise.

Photos courtesy Wikipedia

Will I try this? 
Honey,  please.

Trend 3:  The Matching Printed Suit

The suit that started it all this season - Prada

This is a huuuuge trend this season.  I really like the look of this Prada suit, and all of the spin-offs that it has given birth to (some good ones by J. Crew and ASOS in particular). But like many of you, I have a lifestyle that just does not call for a suit very often at all, and when it does, it is usually only the jacket over a cocktail dress, or a pair of tailored pants and a softer, more feminine top as to not look too boxy, "dressed',  and/or corporate. But I love the classic Prada print of this. Hmmm. 

Will I try this? 
I would love to, but sadly, probably not. But I'll likely be getting a pair of pants in this type of print before the season is out.

Trend 4: The Collar Necklace

Akong necklace

These are great. I'm a huge fan. They are as girly (as above) or as hard-edged as you want them to be, and they have the power to completely transform something as simple as a white tee with just the fastening of the clasp. A nice way to balance out a either take some of the edge off of a leather skirt or jacket, or add some spike and stud to a floral shirt. And as investments go, you can get this look at a low cost.

Will I try this?
Oh my, yes.

What about you guys? Face Lace anyone?


  1. Face lace? Are they serious? Looks like a disease.

    Collar Necklace? Good on the young ones.

    Patterned pants, already got those.

    Matching suit? Nope, I already lived through that so I don't think I should do it again.

  2. I had not heard of this face lace trend. That is a bit too much for me. I've already tried out the collar necklace trend and I love it. I've done the patterned pants thing, but never the whole suit get up.
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