Thrift Haul: Midwest Edition

You are no doubt aware by now (if you have been following along), that the women in my family express a gene for keen and savvy thrift shopping. So it should come as no surprise that my mother, sister and I recently set out on a mission to seek and flush-out some bargains at our favorite local thrift and consignment stores. This is big fun for me, as I find the thrift stores in the midwest to be veritable treasure troves of possibilities. Probably because unlike in the UK, there are less rules and restrictions about what you can donate, and they will take just about anything and put it on the shelf.

My sister and I started almost immediately after I got off the plane at the Minneapolis airport.

Elite Repeat consignment store in St. Paul, Minnesota

If you are in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area and are a thrift and consignment junkie (like us),  you need to pay this place a visit.  You will probably find something, and something nice. They know their stuff in here, and there is a lot of quality to be had.  I scored a few things right off the bat, and could easily have done a lot more damage. For some reason, I uncharacteristically decided to restrain myself.  But I did pick up a few winners.

Gap jersey wrap dress

Ralph Lauren wide-leg corduroy pants...with the tags still on!

Then across state lines we went, back to Wisconsin where we are from. And home of this place. 

Savers Thrift Store, Eau Claire Wisconsin

This place is a little bit more work for the unseasoned thrift shopper, as you have to plow through a lot of racks to find the hidden gems. But isn't that the point? Yes. Yes it is. I found a beautiful mohair oversized cardigan with beading on it.  I'm a sucker for anything charcoal grey with a bit of well with my gray silver gunmetal salt and pepper hair. 

Coldwater Creek mohair and beaded cardigan (covered buttons!)
Calvin Klein colored denim jeans (a gift from my mom...they were too big for her)
Aldo wedge shoes (my own...last season)
My sister's dog, "Fritz", a Tibetan Terrier. 

And finally, a dress that my sister thrifted a while back, and decided that it was too big for her, so I am now the new owner. I cant wait to rock this with some bright yellow pumps, or maybe tights and boots with a cardi over the top. Whee!

vintage Chadwicks linen dress.
and is absolutely not warm enough in Wisconsin right now to be dressing like this.
Do not try this at home. 
I also snapped-up a cobalt blue silk batwing blouse (very on trend this season) for $2.99, and rescued my old Air Force field jacket from the closet in my parent's house, stripes still on it and everything (is that even legal? am I supposed to remove them after the fact?.....meh. I'm leaving it as is). 

And that's probably not the end. I haven't even been to Target TargĂ©e (Tar-jay) yet . Watch this space. 


  1. You just look good in everything you try on!

  2. Killer haul--I miss thrift shopping in the States!

  3. Love love love! You always find the best stuff! I stink at thrifting so I live vicariously through you!

  4. WOW..I pretty much love every piece..especially the last dress..very vintage mod!
    sheree xxx
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)


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