Welcome to Wisconsin

Greetings all, from the good old US of A. The flight over was a complete letdown; no in-seat video player (man do I miss Northwest Airlines), iPad battery without enough charge to last the flight (whoops), and Delta Airlines neglected to provide my vegan meal that my husband went out of his way to order for me for the flight. So nine hours with no edible food except for an iceberg lettuce salad half the size of the palm of my hand, a stale bread roll, and two crackers. Gross.

Never mind, I'm here now. In Wisconsin. For those of you unfamiliar with my home state of Wisconsin, let me give you a quick photographic introduction, courtesy of Interstate 94, taken en route to my parent's place from the Minneapolis airport.

When I first saw this as we were approaching it from behind, I thought it was a taxi.  On closer inspection, the realization that it was a private car sent me scrambling for my iPhone with Ninja-like speed. You just don't see this type of thing in the highlands. Isn't America great? 


  1. Welcome home! Love the photo.


  2. I love it!!

    Does everyone think you sound Scottish now?

    1. I definitely have some words in my vocab now that were not there before I married a Scot and moved ...I say wee a lot. And a few other things that are not fit to print...

  3. Where ARE you? My mom and dad are from Dorchester. My cousins own the Chrysler dealership in Medford and my other cousins make the best venison brats in the world!

  4. I'm from Eau Claire originally, and that is where I currently am....until Monday, then back to Scotland.


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