Meet my newest thing that I have been obsessing over. I used to be afraid to wear colour on my nails, but apparently now, I'm brave.

L'oreal nail colour in After Hours
A pearly navy blue

Yes, it's dark. Like really dark. But I actually am growing quite fond of having a dark nail (short, of course....long talons are just so...Dynasty). I find that if you keep everything minimal, like jewellery and the like, it can actually be quite unexpected and fun, albeit I must confess, there is quite a bit of cleanup you have to do after the fact. At least, there is if you're me. Maybe I should cut down on the caffeine.

Yeah, right.


  1. Yay for dark nails! I'm especially keen on steely blue-greys this season (lighter but still a bit atypical), after seeing Michelle Obama's nails for her DNC speech.

  2. I never wear nail polish either, but just had a manicure and had a dark blue put on for fun. I love yours.

  3. Regarding cleaning up. I read a post where the woman used a brush dipped into nail remover and cleaned around the nail after the polish was REALLY dry. Give that a try. I usually do it the next day. Try a google search to see the beautiful results. But bravo for dark!

    1. You know, I almost added that bit in....I have in the past, probably based on some advice form a magazine or something, used a Q-tip in some remover after the fact, but what really happened is that I should have waited until day two to take the picture, because nature took care of it for me and they looked better without any intervention. Huh...who knew?


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