Kickin' It Old School

As the countdown to our return to the gale-force winds and driving horizontal rain of Scotland in November closes-in, I find myself intensifying my Florida sun lounger and frosty adult beverage training regimen. During yesterday's training, I read an article in the latest issue of Town & Country about the beauty products that women remembered from their boarding school days (you can substitute "high school" or even "Junior High" for "boarding school" if,  like me, you grew up in a place where the only "boarding" places we frequented were for horses and/or dogs). The list was like a walk down Late 80's Memory Lane: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Lip Glosses, and Anais Anais Eau de Toilette by Cacharel were some of the key players.


And I am not ashamed to say that in my academic formative years, I used every single one of these products. Every. Last. One. So that got me to thinking. Many of these time-honored products are still available today. I wonder if they have the same allure when one is in one's 40's as they did back in the day. So although I had absolutely no intention of schmearing bubblegum-scented Lip Smackers all over my gob for a second time in this life (sorry Bonne Bell, but no),  I put down my fruity rum cocktail fortified health drink and headed to the Walgreens down the way, with the help of a friend, of course. These missions are best done in pairs, as to ensure optimum enablement.  Behold the spoils of my Old School Beauty Product Mission.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Royal Blue , and Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eye Pencil in Midnight Blue


The Cetaphil is a no-brainer,  really. Super gentle, gets your face clean, I am more fond of this now than I was back then...back in the days when we believed that your skin was not clean and free of acne-causing oil unless it was exfoliated beyond its last epithelial cell with apricot kernels, and finished-off with a soothing jet-fuel grade astringent that would see a C130 Hercules over the Atlantic. Remember this stuff?  Who didn't want to be this girl?

Ten-O-Six...Now with 80% more misogyny!!

I know, right? Taken straight from the scriptwriters of Mad Men. And I love that the large size came in a glass jug, like maple syrup, or a growler of Oktoberfest Ale. Urp. But seriously, who didn't douse themselves in this? Nobody, that's who. Anyway, supposedly they have quietly relaunched this, but I am sort of beyond Ten-O-Six at this point, sadly. 

Right, on to the blue stuff.  I have read differing things over the years about navy liner and blue mascara. It makes the eyes pop, it looks like a bruise, yada yada yada.  And while the liner per se is not a nostalgia product, it is the colour that I am going for here. The mascara however, is another story. All I can tell you is that I applied this stuff my formative years during a certain phase. But will it work on a 41 year old? 

Self-portrait. This is hard to see, I know. I have the iPhone 3, trust me, this is not
some sort of Fuzzy lens to make me look 23 again...but yeah, I think its working!

Yep. The secret is restraint. Just a wee bit of liner, a few passes of mascara, and put the wand down and back slowly away from the makeup mirror. It works really well when you don't want to bother putting on a lot of goo (like when you are on holiday and involved in an intensive training programme). So yes. Yes to the blue. 


  1. Oh god, I remember Ten-o-Six! Stung like a sonnovabitch if I remember correctly. I'm all about the blue, not only a little eyeliner, but mascara as well! With my coloring it's less harsh than black, but makes my green eyes pop. Hope you're enjoying sunny Florida!

    1. Many thanks....just a few days left and we intend to make the best of it!

  2. Yes, I read that article too tho' I'm not an 80's gal. Er, more like 60's! But, you've inspired me to try navy eyeliner. Will pick up next time out.
    PS You are hilarious. jac

  3. Make up nostalgia.....I so get it. I have been contemplating Revlon's Cherries in the Snow, quite the sophisticated look of a teen in the 1950's. Love all your blogs.....happy holidays, rain and all!

  4. I loved Ten-O-Six, and I'm convinced that starting to use it when I was 18 really made my skin look good. Too strong for me now though. I used to like Cetaphil but have recently switched to Aveeno Ultracalming Foaming face wash - keeps the redness down. Have a fruity rum cocktail for me!

  5. love this!


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