Knitting Bag in Paradise

I know, it seems like the last thing in the world you would want to do in a warm climate. It is certainly the last thing you need, but I love knitting when I am on vacation. Well, I love knitting anyway, but I especially love knitting while sitting in my sun lounger, on a plane, a train....whatever. Here's today.

Yep. Finished that hat you see there. And also those wee hand warmers you see just to the left of the hat. Yes. Hand warmers. That's what you need in Florida (!?). Anyway, they're done. A few new pieces to add to the cache. Look, here's the hat.

I'm calling it the Marco Hive Hat. You can see it on my Etsy site next week. And you know what the funniest thing is? When I am in a warm climate and I end up photographing one of my pieces for Etsy, you never get to see the whole outfit in the shot. So in the spirit of style-blogging (and for your amusement), here is the rest of my "knitting in paradise" look.

Bathing suit cover-up Michael Kors. Sunglasses Cynthia Rowley

There it is. Sorry you looked now, aren't you? 


  1. What a great picture - the kiddie pool totally makes it!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving - I'm still working on dinner out here in California. Someday I'll be done!


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