Must Be Open Minded And Into Leather...

Get your minds out of the gutter. I'm just sayin''s hard for anyone to open a magazine this fall season and not be confronted by the leather. It is absolutely everywhere. And while we go through this every season in some permutation or another (rock chick, studded, leather, sequinned, goth....) this season it seems particularly hard to avoid feeling that little twinge of wanting to have just a wee slice of something leathery. At least, that's how it is for me. I'm a sucker that way.

Funnily enough, not long ago  I finished reading Elle UK Fashion director Anne Marie Curtis' indictment (October issue) of the fall goth trend for women who, in her own words, "are old enough to remember the trend the first time around." Which I am. I mean, I lived in Seattle in the 90's... say no more.  Kurt and Courtney, flannel and Doc Martens, knitted hats, dark taupe lipstick and unwashed hair, I was there man! But as a result, do I feel like I have to pass-up on leather, version 2.0? No. I do think it is possible to enjoy a wee bit of a re-emerging trend without looking like a shakily-drawn version of your former self. And as with all things trendy, I would recommend doing it without spending a lot of money, as lets face it, some of these things are not arty "forever" pieces, are they?  But who cares!? Even Da Vinci probably scribbled in the margins of his notebook once in a while.

For me, the trick is to express it through accents. Cute, feminine, and not trying too hard. Here are some really cute options with just that wee hint of "leathuh."  (Remember Joan Cusack in Working Girl? "Six thousand dollahs!? Its not even leathuh!")

Houndstooth tee with faux leather trim
JC Penny $20

Lave overlay and faux leather collar
ASOS  $28 (on SALE!)

Sweater with faux leather collar
La Redoute 24 GBP

Knit top with leather sleeves
Zara  35 GBP


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