(Nearly) Live From The Travelodge

Yep. Travelodge......stylin'. We're flying to the U.S. tomorrow for a wee visit, and the T-lodge is literally right across the street from the airport.  Had a few hours in Glasgow earlier, and managed to get my shop on. Here are some of the spoils, live from the dressing rooms of Glasgow and the plush, decadent interiors of the airport Travelodge.

This top from H&M. Loose, flowy, kimono sleeves, and a dipped hem. kind of reminds me of the
smocks we used to wear when we would paint in kindergarden.  Comfy...louche.  30 pounds.

...and there is a big box pleat in the back. 

New reading glasses. They're violet. They're from the Tommy Hilfiger men's collection.
I have to get mens glasses because women's frames don't fit my gianormous head.
And a five pound scarf from H&M. Just because. 

Todays outfit lit by the warm glow of the airport Travelodge.

It's hard to see...I'll talk you through it.
Cole Haan boots, Hue tights, Tommy Hilfiger skirt, H&M belt, Calvin Klein tee,
Ruff Hewn green leather jacket, H&M scarf, Tommy Hilfiger glasses

Right. So that was today in a nutshell; the first instalment of what will become yet another series of dispatches from abroad.  An end to a week that was characterised by work, work, and more work.....and a nice beginning to a trip to the homeland. And with a newly re-elected POTUS, no less.

Which reminds me. 

Look, whether you trend Blue State or Red, you have to admit....this is a great headline. Zoolander reference. Nice.
Congratulations POTUS, and good one Huffington Post.


  1. Love the reading glasses! Hope you enjoy your visit to this side of the pond.

  2. If I saw you in an airport I'd think, hey, that woman looks good!


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