Stuff That Works - Vacation Edition: Striped Shorts

Some things seem like they should be ridiculous, but they are actually wardrobe extenders. Take these striped shorts. I wore this yesterday in and about the place.

No, this is not art. I realize this. But this is exactly what you reach for when you are someplace where you will be in your shorts and a tee for about seven minutes... right before the bathing suit goes back on.  Lets face it. Despite what the magazines say about caftans, raffia wedges, and piles and piles of boho jewellery, there's a time and a place. If you are embarking on a slog to the marina with a cooler full of bait or a canvas bag full of sails, you really don't want to be the gal who shows up in a pair of raffia platform wedges. Sometimes you just need stuff that works.

I saw these shorts at Old Navy on sale at the end of the summer, and thought they would be perfect for the aforementioned times...when you actually don't want to bother any of your regular clothes with the task of getting all salty or chlorine-y. You know, when shorts and a tee is, in fact, the appropriate dress uniform of the day.

But as it turns out, these shorts work longer, harder, and better than I even thought they would.  For instance, I give you exhibit A. My chillin' about the place day look (as above).

Striped shorts and green tee, both Old Navy. Sandals, Havaianas.
Belt similar to mine, Kiel James Patrick (mine is actually a thrifted mens belt). 

And with just a few wee changes, the shorts stayed with me out for drinks, and a casual dinner. 

Michael Kors cropped denim jacket (past season), J. Crew linen sweater,
Old Navy shorts, Dune sandals

That's what I'm talkin' about. Easy. Striped new vacation neutral. 


  1. I'm generally not a fan of fancy shorts but you look great. Nicely done:).

  2. If your looking for cheap mens shorts, these are great. Definitely designed for the warmer weather. Very comfortable.


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