Thakoon Goes To Marco Island

The eagle has landed. Getting here was one of the most civilized flights I've been on in a long time (thanks for not forgetting my vegan meal British Airways, you rock!), and we are now safely ensconced in the rental house, awaiting the arrival of my family. Beautiful breezy weather. And what better to wear in beautiful breezy weather when you're feeling a bit of vacation getting-dressed laziness, than a maxi dress? Nothing, that's what. Enter, this season's Thakoon maxi dress, my splurge of the season and the gift that will keep on giving....until I spill red wine on it, but probably even after that. You gotta love prints.

And you guys.... look at the hotrod car we got when we arrived at the rental place. 

A Lincoln town car. Didn't even know they still made these, but apparently so.
Makes a gal want to pull the steering wheel up close and drive everywhere at 15 mph. 


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