Delightfully Tacky

Alrighty,  then.  I'm back everyone, and would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah,  Habari Gani for your Kwanzaa, and/or any other festive occasion that I might have missed or am currently culturally insensitive to. But before I delve head first back into fashion mode, I want (as promised) to share with you some iPhone snaps of the hotel my husband and I stayed at last week in the Canary Islands. It was really and truly delightfully tacky.  And as much as we, the fashion-obsessed, strive for chicness and good taste above all else, sometimes a bit of tack is just the thing to put a smile on your face.

On arrival, I could have sworn that we were at Caesar's Palace in Vegas, circa 1978, which of course would be the mothership of the delightfully tacky fleet. Add a touch of the Egyptian-themed Luxor, and an aesthetic sprinkling of Saddam's palace, and you have our hotel.

And everywhere, and I mean everywhere you go, there are these statues.....lurking in every fountain, behind every staircase, lining the side of the pool (my favourite).  They make you want need to take various and sundry photos with them in which you try to pose exactly like the statue. I will spare you the many, many of these that I took and just add a few highlights.

Yep, the Tibi Lobster Dress came with me.  The ashtray standing right next to the statue only
adds to the ultra-refined aura of class and distinction, doesn't it? That's a four-star ashtray, so says the sign.

Yep, this part of the building is shaped like a pyramid. That's what you were about to ask, wasn't it?

Their watchful gazes even follow you to the pool.

I know you've seen this, but I felt it was worth repeating.

Lets talk about the interior for a moment. So. Much. Marble. Even the toilets are floor to ceiling marble. Kind of like being in Dubai, only with less clothes, cheaper booze,  and way more tapas.


Chandeliers that all week were tempting me to jump off the balcony and cling to them
James Bond-style.  Just because. 

Marble staircases....a real-life Escher drawing!
Go ahead, turn your computer around, it works!

It is impossible to descend staircases like these and not make foolish grandiose gestures and poses.
Even if you are in your flip flops and on your way to the pool.  Impossible. 

All in all a great week. I will say we had some impeccable customer service in this OTT, if not downright hilarious environment. And if the super-shiny surfaces and constantly-staring statues start to get on your nerves, you can always do what I did.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a lovely time!

  2. The Canaries are beautiful . . .and topless :) apparently.


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