Giraffe Pants!

I realized some months ago that crazy, printed pants weren't the enemy. Ever since, I have been on a sort of binge. Largely because you can find discarded fabulous printed pants really easily at secondhand vintage and consignment stores. Apparently not everyone shares my affinity. Whatever, their loss. 

Check out these Lilly Pulitzer navy giraffe-print pants I found secondhand for sixteen bucks when I was in the states. 

Lilly Pulitzer "Palm Beach" pant (secondhand), J. Crew denim oxford,
sweater made by my mother in law, Chinese Laundry shoes

I have a love-hate relationship with Lilly Pulitzer. I either really dig her pieces or they give me the heebie jeebies. I tend to go for the more retro-inspired pieces, or those that aren't so unashamedly pink, green, and ...well.....cute.  They tend to be really preppy and prim. I love a preppy look, but I like to mess its hair up a bit. Which is why I chose an untucked denim oxford and a hand-knit slouchy sweater to go with these trousers. Oh, and killer heels. Although if I were going to be walking, I would probably have chosen Bass loafers or my classic Converse sneakers. Anyway, they're fun, comfortable, and you won't be losing me in a crowd any time soon.

Some earrings made by one of my coworkers


  1. Cute pants! I like how you've styled them, not prim at all. And your co-worker's earrings are lovely.

  2. Ok, you look very cool but those shoes???? I think your idea of Bass or sneakers would look much better. Am I the only one who does not love the shoes?


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