Classic Cheapskate

In extreme weather conditions, I tend to gravitate towards classic clothing. Whether it be extreme cold (cashmere!) or extreme heat (shift dresses!), the classics sort of take away the insecurity that a tempestuous climate can bring. At least it does for me. That is why I have been wearing these acid green J. Crew corduroys for nearly the past week. And today I can actually get outside to take a picture of them....and....AND....the best part is, I got them secondhand on Ebay for $10. In fact, all of the clothes you see in these photos were obtained secondhand, including the shoes. Okay, excluding the accessories... but still.  So all together now ladies...say it loud....I'm cheap and I'm proud!

cashmere sweater: Charter Club by Macy's, cotton gingham oxford: Marks & Spencer,
corduroys: J. Crew Favorite Fit (in tall no less!), shoes: Bass Weejuns

watch: Vestal

Of course it wouldn't be a typical Highland Fashionista photo shoot without a few dog photobombs...


  1. I love this look! I have loads of JC cords from ebay too - since we don't have JC here and they stopped making their critter cords ages ago, I've been able to amass my collection online :O)

  2. I love this color combination on you. The cords were a great find. Great watch too! Tell your dog he has a cute butt.

  3. My first impression was, "That's my favorite look!" You look great, not trying to hard, just classic with a twist. Nice!

  4. I love cords color, and the sweater highlights it very well. Excellent set!


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