Fifteen Minutes of Fab

For somebody who writes a fashion blog, I am hardly ever dressed. It may seem like an odd statement, seeing as though you can scroll through nothing but image after image of me in various and sundry outfits here at Highland Fashionista HQ, but there it is. I rarely get to wear clothes. I have one of those jobs that requires a uniform of oversized medical know, basically a big pair of pajamas. I work for twelve hours at a stretch, and it would be really easy to just roll out of bed and into a track suit, or the same exact outfit I wore the day before. After all, I am only going to have said outfit on for about fifteen minutes at a time...just enough to get from the house to the car to the locker room and back.  And in-between there is probably a workout, so no real clothes there either.  While this pattern certainly eliminates the stress of having to dress appropriately for work, it is no less heartbreaking for someone who deeply loves to express herself with fashion.

So I get it where and when I can, in the in-between times.  Lets call it my fifteen minutes of fabulousness. I tend to gravitate towards what I call my "Scottish Uniform", something I have written about in the past as it tends to work well with the Scottish climate most of the year.  Skinny jeans, boots, cashmere, pea coat. I have many permutations of this look. Here's yesterday's version.  I brought the pants party with me to work yesterday. I felt I needed a bit of humour in my outfit. If you could see the weather here right now, you would understand why.


Guess cropped pea coat (old), Calvin Klein cotton sweater (old), H&M pants,
Timberland boots (old. really old...and I deeply love them)



How much longer until I can wear real clothes again? 


  1. I have the same issue - tho it's jammies most of the time and spurts of being dressed and out in the world!

  2. I guess we have the same problem too, but mine's not about the scrubs, I wear those oversize lab coats all day. Though it's nice when the shift's over, but I do miss wearing real clothes. They're much more comfortable.

  3. You always look great in whatever you wear! From what I've seen from your clothes too, I can say that you can style up any look you have. You have that inner talent in you.

  4. Well those 15 minutes are pretty dang fabulous.


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