Yep, I've been absent again. But I'm back now, and ready to resume the fight for all things pragmatically fashiony and of superior quality. And gray hair. And thrift store shopping. Maybe not necessarily in that order.....but all of these things, and more.

A brief word about this year's ski trip. The Alps are having a bumper year for snow. See below snaps for confirmation.

Another word about fashion and ski trips. The images of people sitting around the chalet in fur gilets, UGGs, and piles of diamonds while sipping an après ski vin chaud is (for a majority of us) somewhat of a fallacy. Yes, there are (mostly rented) chalets (yours truly stays in an apartment) and there is DEFINITELY vin chaud (glug glug), but most of us regular gals are likely drinking in our long underwear or maybe something Gortex, and a really tall pair of socks. You wear real clothes for about four hours a day, and if I walked into a restaurant in our ski village wearing the stereotypical aprés ski wear one imagines (from magazines and movies), it would be like that scene from Dumb and Dumber. You know the one. Plus, it's bloomin' FREEZING up there in January!


  1. We're leaving for our ski trip in two weeks, can't wait!!! Great pictures, looks lovely there. I hear you about the aprés ski. Where we go, most people are hanging out in the evenings still half in their ski clothes.

  2. Love your Lisa Eldridge makeup application. ;)


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