Something To Wear With Your Exfoliating Tee Shirt.....

Here's something straight from the WTF files, courtesy of Vogue UK. If you have not already heard the big news, Wrangler (yes, that Wrangler...of the classic cowboy jeans) is coming out with a moisturizing....that's right....moisturizing line of jeans this spring.

Elizabeth Jagger, presumably in her moisturizing jeans
photo courtesy Vogue UK

Apparently they come in three flavours (perfumes? essences? !!??): aloe vera, olive extract, and "smooth legs", whatever that is.

And the best part of all is that they will retail for 85 GBP. That's about 135 USD.

And you get a free tube of Monistat with your purchase.

Okay, I just made that last part up....that's a lie.  But it seems like a good idea to hand-out anti-fungal cream with a pair of moisturizing jeans, does it not?

Moisturizing jeans. Cool idea or gross marketing ploy? Discuss.


  1. I just read about this too. The first thing I thought was WHAT? The second thing was GROSS!

  2. I have moisturizing socks...I wonder if it's the same technology. Tho I have no idea what that technology actually is!


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