A Little Help Here Please?

Presented before you are four different looks. Which one should I wear on Saturday night to an annual dinner? It's not über-formal or anything, but it is festive. I can't decide if I want to go straight-up girly, a little edgy, or comfy yet arty. Help me decide. You can vote using the ballot box at the bottom of the post. If you are in Florida and are having trouble voting, click here and an operator will be standing by. Sorry Florida.....it was just too tempting not to go there.

Diane Von Furstenburg Dress (past season), Enzo Angiolini heels (past season)

H&M brocade peplum top, J. Crew wool and cashmere skirt (thrifted),
Kelsi Dagger wedge booties (past season)

Tibi blouse, Merona (Target) skirt (past season), Vince Camuto sparkle booties

Vero Moda leather-look collar blouse (ASOS), J. Crew cashmere and wool skirt
(thrifted), Nine West boots

Which Look should I choose?
After the 3rd glass of wine, who cares?
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  1. The sparkle booties make it, but #2 was a close second.

  2. Haha, they're all lovely and you rock in each outfit - I'm torn between one and two, though. Guess it depends on the event and the tone you want to set.

  3. I voted for look two, but I also really love look four. You look fabulous in all of them though!

  4. I'm torn between one and two also, but I voted for two. One is really pretty, but I like the edge and style in two. Maybe you can see what your mood is when you're getting ready...

  5. I like two because it's not over the top. May I be honest with you. How about sexy simple black pumps.

  6. Wear the peplum look - #2. It's on trend and you like it - I can tell by your evil grin ;-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  7. I vote for #2 followed by #4 but I couldn't resist voting for "after the 3rd glass of wine who cares?"

  8. I voted for #1 and see it's the most popular. Hope your dinner is fun and do let us know what you ultimately decide to wear on Saturday.


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