Can I Wear It Yet? How About Now?

First of all I would like to point out that it is in no way warm enough here in Scotland to be wearing this next outfit.  I nearly saw my life flash before my eyes trying to get these photos (hastily) taken. You know how sometimes you have something in your closet that you absolutely love, but hardly ever get to wear? That's what this is. I've been thinking about this dress a lot lately.

Isaac Mizrahi for QVC giraffe print dress

I've had this for over a year or so, and hardly have had the chance to wear it (it sort of walks that line between casual and dressy that I hardly ever get to cross unless I'm on vacation). This is another of those finds from QVC, or "The Q" as those of you in the know will call it. This dress is still available, but I think all they have left is plus sized.

I do have a few capsule collection items from The Q. Granted, you have to be careful with their quality and sizing, but the return policies are awesome, so you soon become accustomed to picking your way through their often oversized and boxy cuts to find some hidden treasures. Generally, I go at least one (if not two) sizes down from my usual size, and I forego buying pants altogether....which I would recommend to anyone who wears anything beyond a 32" inseam (unless you are going for that flood pant look, then by all means, knock yourself out).

But I digress.

Pearl ring, Rivka Friedman, my wedding rings, sterling silver cuff (?...I think I got it in Mexico)
Check out the designer goosebumps on my arm. 

This is a well-constructed garment, as one would expect from Isaac Mizrahi. Reinforced collar and cuffs, pockets in the skirt (I love a skirt or dress with pockets). Easy to wear, travels well, doesn't show dirt (much), and can be worn with tights and boots in winter, which I was far too lazy to do today.

I thought I would style it with booties and chunky jewellry to keep it more edgy-casual. Sometimes I wear this with a pair of red pumps, pearls, and a ponytail, and it takes on more of a 50's housewife kind of a vibe.

Kelsi Dagger wedge booties (old)

And in a lucky coincidence, black and white was also all over the spring runways. Lucky me! And as ever, it is a pleasure and a privilege to take part in Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday. 


  1. Fabulous Isaac dress! And the booties give it such a great edge. I agree about the Q -- lots of boxy things and some real treasures to be had : > Thanks for linking up.

  2. Love the dress, and although it's a lot warmer here in Scottsdale, AZ, than Scotland (I'm guessing), I would want to pair it with the tights and sweater that you mentioned in your post. What a wonderful dress for all seasons. Would love to see it with the red you mentioned also. Perhaps a post when it's warmer?

  3. It's true love for a good reason! Heather's quite right ... throw it on with tights, booties and a puffy jacket or fashiony anorak and go!

    Please know, your goose-bumps made me smile (in sympathy, of course!) You should know that your effort was completely appreciated!


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