First off, as POTUS himself says, I want to be absolutely clear.  The Highland Fashionista does not wear real fur. Ever. End of story. You can read more about why here, but be warned, it will probably ruin your day.  After you have looked at that, take a minute, digest the info, have a nice cup of tea, shake it off,  and come on back.

I get why people are attracted to fur. I'm attracted to it as well. It's cozy, looks luxe, and there is an association of glamour and a highfalutin lifestyle that one associates with seeing a woman in fur. I get it.

But there are so many ways to wear fur while you're NOT wearing fur these days. And here's one.

Rachel Zoe for QVC Faux Fur Vest $88.00 , Calvin Klein jeans (old),
Timberland boots (old)

I have had this fur vest for about three years now (and they still make it, if you're interested). I love to pull this thing out when I feel like I need to feel something luxe against my skin. Faux luxe, which in this case is the best kind.  I like to balance this vest with a pair of jeans and my trusty, beat-up Timberland boots to keep it from taking itself too seriously.  Minimal but high-quality accessories, and that's it. Done.

Rose gold bangle and topaz ring, my own.

Sure, I could push this look further, do a kind of apr├ęs-ski in Aspen kind of a thing complete with high heeled-boots and more layers of everything, but at the end of the day, this is life in the Highlands, and for the sake of bopping-about town doing one's errands, this is quite enough.


  1. Rachel Zoe DEF knows how to make faux fur look real. That vest is great and I have had my eye on it since I saw her on her TV show during an episode promoting her QVC collection. I do wear fur - two pieces, both vintage. One, rabbit earmuffs, about 40 years old and the other, my great-grandmother's mink coat, about 50 years old. I don't think I could ever go out and buy a NEW fur.

  2. I am an experienced seamstress and Tissavel fur is the only way to go. Tissavel looks, feels and wears like the real deal. The entire house is fur filled during the sewing process, but oh my, the results are soooooo worth it.

  3. Nice! I have the same vest in dark brown faux mink. You've inspired me to wear it tomorrow - thanks!


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