If A Haircut Falls In The Forest....

You know when you get your hair cut, and the hairdresser makes it so shiny and so soft that you know you will never, ever be able to reproduce the result no matter what fancy products you buy? Yes? Well, that is happening right now.  I just had a lovely haircut, and now am going to work out. Seems a shame, doesn't it?  Anyway, there's nobody around, and somehow it feels like her efforts are less wasted if I show somebody. So there you go.  Ta-Daa!

And then I went and wrecked it.


  1. I try to time appts so I have somewhere to go enjoy (ok show off) later, but it doesn't always work out. At least you got a photo op out of it!

  2. I'd rather have your biceps than good hair:).

    1. HA! Thanks! I suppose that's the philosophy at work here....better to have a really expensive haircut that you ruin with a workout than a free angiogram on the NHS....snort.


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