Mint and Meow

I found this sweater for 20 pounds at Topshop. This makes my first Topshop purchase (I know, right?) I often go in, but find I have a problem with the quality, and leave empty-handed. This sweater is cotton, so I figured that as an actual, identifiable natural fiber, I couldn't go too far wrong. I'm actually wearing this backwards, something I used to do a lot when I was in Jr. High, but not so much now. Until today. I paired it with minty jeans to keep everything from being too hard-edged. I love the gradient pattern, and the fact that it is slouchy, bat-winged, and oversized. So comfy! And it sets off the silver streaks nicely too. Mee-freakin'-yow!

Sweater: Topshop
Jeans: New Look (past season)
Shoes: All Saints (past season)


  1. I like the combo! The sweater really does look good with your hair.

  2. Looks lovely on you! Wish I could do the reversed jumper, butif my back isn't covered I get cold. So much for showing off the back tattoos :)

  3. Great look! I used to do that I high school too, and in fact recently flipped a black knit dress around whose low-scoop neck front is not so flattering on me. Like you, I suspect, the boat neck style at the front is way better on me. :)

  4. You look awesome, as usual! I have way too much real estate in the front to do the low back maneuver. We don't have Topshop in the US but Nashville is getting it's first HM next month.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  5. Happy day Kristing ... Great outfit and I love the shoes ... they're stunning.


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