Random Outfit: Dog Walking

Today, much to my delight and relief, the weather was absolutely stunning. A reminder as to why we have chosen to live in the highlands; something that comes into question every year in the dead of winter after months of darkness and driving rain.  We are so very lucky to be where we are.

The beautiful scenery always takes front and center over any sartorial choice you could possibly make, which is why I tend to use it judiciously as a backdrop to my outfit posts. You just can't compete with mother nature. But a dog-walking outfit post is perfect. Nothing fancy, just practical, low-maintenance, drool-resistant fashion.

Yes, that's a poop bag in my hand. An empty one, thank goodness. 

Sweater: hand-knit by my mother in law
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Fingerless Gloves: thrifted, but you can get some on my Etsy site.
Sunglasses: thrifted


  1. Beardie! Oh what a wonderful (actually not too drooly at all) pupster! Definitely a scene-stealer - best scruffles please.

    (spent the day at a dog show, back tomorrow. Should be all puppied out, but that's never gonna happen :) )

    1. That's Fergus. He is 4 this year, but we keep him in puppy cut because the weather here is not helpful with constant grooming. He is the love of our lives. Have fun at the dog show. I would have 13 of these guys if I thought my husband would go for it.

    2. Oh, abd I am really taken with your blog as well. Adding you to my Bloglovin feed. :)

    3. Practical cuts are definitely the way to go - too much maintenance otherwise. My Fearghus (the Wolfhound) is 7 this year and still galumphs around like a pup, particularly when he gets one of the stuffed ducks out of the toy basket. Husbands can be a nuisance - mine keeps us at the 3 dog limit.

      And thank you! Have some writing to do and photos to put up. Beardies were at the show on the weekend, but didn't get the opportunity to snap them as they were on at the same time as the Bullmastiffs.

  2. Oh, it's so lovely there!! You are one stylish dog walker, and your pup is adorable.

    We'll be visiting Scotland in early May, but alas our short time frame won't allow us to make it to the Highlands, which was really disappointing. We're doing about 3 days in Edinburgh, 2 in Oban, and then to Windemere and London for a week. I know I'm going to fall in love with Scotland; it's the home of one line of paternal ancestors.

  3. Wow it's REALLY beautiful! Thanks for sharing your scenery.

  4. Wow! It is absolutely stunning there!
    Sheree xxx

  5. Such a cute dog, love your boots too.


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