Random Outfit Post: Charity Work

A friday afternoon, cold but clear(ish) day. I'm on my way to go sit at the SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) fundraising table for a few hours. I will be asking people for money in my foreign accent as they go about their business on a busy bank holiday weekend. I didn't want to look styled to death or unapproachable.

J. Crew beaded trim merino cardigan (thrifted)
Ralph Lauren wide leg trousers (thrifted)
H&M belt


  1. What a great cardigan! And bravo to you for your work with the SSPCA. The ASPCA here gets a monthly contribution from me.

  2. I agree with Deja Pseu, bravo and I love the cardigan and those wide legs pants on you.

    Thank you for visiting pret-a-vivre.com

  3. Love the outfit, but I love the cause even more! Thank you for doing your part for the little creatures that have no voice of their own. I'll be posting for similar support next week on my own blog. You're cool ;-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  4. I do the same thing here in York . It's a great cause & don't we meet some nice people ...wendy


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