Adam Jumpsuit

I've had this Adam Jumpsuit for a while now, but hardly ever get a chance to wear it. I bought it because I used to have one very similar to it, and have always regretted getting rid of it. I used to work as a professional musician (among other things) and the standard apparel for musicians who are not Soundgarden, or Justin Bieber (although in that case the title musician is perhaps a bit of a stretch), is generally a tuxedo. And my jumpsuit, with a tux jacket over it, did some serious miles.  Apparently when I stopped needing to wear a tux every night I thought I would be sick of the black suit look, and parted ways with my jumpsuit. Big mistake. I missed it instantly. Even though I hardly ever had the occasion to wear it. I would just think about it longingly from time to time. And then I found this Adam jumpsuit

I always loved Adam Lippes' designs. I think the company grew too fast to soon or something, because they were acquired a while ago, and kind of went away right after I got this jumpsuit. But, I just recently read that Adam has been bought back by Adam himself, and will be launching again soon. This month even. good news for me.

But now that I am no longer requiring a black suit/tux on a regular basis, I have a bit of a conundrum. This jumpsuit is perfect for summer dinners out or for semi-formal occasions, but for a lot of the things I have to dress for locally, it may be a bit too dressy, so I usually would reach for a jacket or cardigan. But then, it seems a shame to cover up the back, which is super cute.

However, there is one caveat that I have to think about before I put this on for something other than a glam night out. As a long-waisted tall gal, this jumpsuit,  while nowhere near threatening a full on Miley Cyrus moment, does pose the potential for some major sideboob moments.

While I don't have a security problem with this per se, I would probably be pretty judicious about where I wore this without a jacket. Say, not to my husband's work function or something like that. I'll save it for nights out and holidays and the like.

Shoes: Nine West


  1. It's like your inner disco girl is DYING to get out. You look great.

  2. I'm guessing you have access to some of that medical sticky tape to prevent any side issues. Toupee adhesive apparently also works, as do dedicated products that are basically the same stuff rebranded and up-priced. If Miley had worn some, she might have fared better.;-) That is a gorgeous outfit.

  3. How tall are you? It's prefect length on you but I'm 6 ft and my biggest challenge finding a jumpsuit is proper length...


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