New Booties

These were in the last post, and I meant to mention them before, but cute, non? Got them on sale last week in Glasgow. And they're super comfy. I wore them for the first time to a dinner Saturday night and walked all over town, up and down stairs, and my feet felt brand-new all night long.  Don't you love the tassles? I like how they feel flopping-around down there.

There is clearly bootie karma floating about right now, because my sister found the cutest pair of booties at a consignment store. Check out her fabulous find.

I could go on here about things in the universe that are meant to be and how very uncanny it is that two sisters would both get a crackin' deal on booties in the same few days when they live at opposite ends of the Atlantic, yada...yada....yada....

But the reality is, we come from a family where the women really like clothes. A lot. So how likely is it that the two of us would be out scavenging for clothes in the same few days and happen to find something, and that something happens to be booties? Pretty gosh-darn likely, I'd say. So apologies to all you hidden-meaning enthusiasts out there, but that's not the universe calling-out. That's just our feet.

My booties: Dune
My sister's booties: consigned (unknown brand). Similar ones here.


  1. Killa booties!! Ankle boots/booties are my footwear of choice these days.

  2. Great boots. Loving the tassles!


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