Random Outfit: Wishful Thinking

An outfit inspired by what I wish the weather was like, as opposed to what it s actually doing. I have warmer climes on the brain right now, and I love this Lilly Pulitzer shift. It is cut like her original dresses were, with a bit of room to move around. I love the vintage feel to this dress, and it has pockets.  You all know how I love a dress with pockets! For bopping about in warm weather, just a pair of flats, or flip-flops will do.  I normally would wear my flip flops with this, but I just couldn't bear it in the Scottish weather. You'll have to forgive me.


  1. I love all the Worth shifts. I am so glad that they do it regularly now with a few patterns!

  2. Love this LP shift dress. They always look fresh and classic to me. Thanks so much for sharing your fab look with Visible Monday!

  3. That Lily sheath is just gorgeous! Love the print!

  4. Tres chic my dear, but I'm so glad you did not pair it with flip flops. They are my pet peeve and overabundant here in the South. I even saw a girl sporting her rubber flip flops at a funeral, in February - ugh!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

    1. Rubber flip-flops at a FUNERAL!? I hope that she was arrested immediately upon entering the building. Oh no, I can assure you mine are the fancy-schmancy leather ones with cute detailing and a bit of a heel. No Havianas with the Lilly.....

  5. Adorable Lily dress!! I agree with you, nothing better than POCKETS!!!
    Becky :)

  6. I love that dress! So wish it was that weather here in Maryland too.

  7. I've been doing that too- wearing more springlike items to cheer my spirits until the real spring arrives. I've been lucky- we had a bright cold sunny day yesterday too- I walk 4 miles just so I could soak it up as long as I could! I love the frock and the flats- chic and comfy!

    I need to do a post on VV just for you! I am loving their stores- I go to the one in Crown Hill but it looks like I need to check out their other locations too.

  8. This little dress looks more than charming on you! A walk down memory lane for me. Just the right length on you ... not sure about flips with it. But then, You could pull it off.


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