Self-Directed Study

I was away this week, attending the second part of this course I'm doing for work. At the course, they were clearly unprepared for us. Most of the time that we were supposed to be spending in lectures was turned-into "self-directed study".  So after a few hours of looking busy, I self-directed myself to H&M. I had been looking at these pants online, and decided to "study" them in more detail.

So into the dressing room I went. This is my self-directed study outfit by the way. 

The pants were a resounding success. More so than the course I was supposedly on. They (the pants) came back to the hotel with me, where I proceeded to salsa dance in front of the mirror like a maniac in my new fancy pants. 

Then I decided to try to style them with things that I had in my suitcase. Luckily, I had brought my Equipment cashmere sweater. See how it too likes to dance?  

Sweater: Equipment
Pants: H&M


  1. Ooh, those are very cool! Perfect with that bright sweater.

  2. Like it the combo. Did you buy the pants? I also love the color of your toes. :-)

    1. I did indeed buy the pants. A great 29.99 spent, I'd say.


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