Seven Pounds of Power

See these? I found these Steve Madden stilettos at TK Maxx (Americans, that's the same as TJ Maxx only British) last week for seven pounds.  Seven. Siete. Sept.  Behold the hotel room victory photo glory, and revel in the five-inch, leather snake-embossed, metal pointy cap-toed splendour.

They're all-leather, and sport on-trend pointy toes. They are taupe and black with a kind of burnished-looking protective toe cap, so are really neutral, and can be worn instead of black pumps for a bit of interest, but without committing to a full-on leopard or zebra print.  And the best part? They are actually pretty darn comfy for a pair of 5-inch heels...which incidentally makes me about 6'3'', so I'll have to remember not to wear these babies when I pose for red carpet photos with Tom Cruise.

That sound you just heard is the Scientologists coming for me. Bring it on, I say. These shoes could take on Xenu himself and still have a little something left over to kick the asses off of a pack of roving body thetans. If you have no idea what any of that means...that's probably a good thing. I had to look it up too.


  1. 7? That's unbelievable! Great purchase.
    I am looking forward to see you wearing them.

    Actually I have no clue who Xenu is...

    Happy Easter!
    Lady of Style

  2. Well played girlfriend! They are stunning. They remind me of the stilettos Jennifer Jason Leigh used to kill Bridget Fonda's boyfriend in Single White Female.
    Tom who? Never heard of him ;-P

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  3. Great smart buy. I always love stilettos,

    See you in my blog, maybe.

  4. Wow - what a find - I'm so envious. I've been looking for a pair of snakeskin finish shoes to replace a pair I've had for almost seven years - theres would be perfect! Congrats on finding such an awesome bargain.

  5. Perfect sitting down and having cocktail shoes. Stand up in those? Great buy!

  6. You are such a great shopper. I don't know if I have the patience. Maybe living in LA it takes too much time to get anywhere and then if I can't find anything????? Fun seeing all of your great gets!


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