Stirling Campus Street Style

You guys, it's not even fair how cute and well-dressed university students are these days. I am officially 127,000 years old.

I had some business to attend to this week that took me to the Stirling University campus. The students were a delightful sartorial mix of urban edge, unfaltering femininity, and some really well-placed accessories. I seriously regretted not having a real camera with me, having to rely on my iPhone and the graciousness of the student body for letting me snap their photos while they were in-between classes.

 My own undergraduate days took place in the early 90's at a midwestern university in America. This was during the height of what can only be described as the roll-into-class-in-your-flannel-PJ-bottoms craze, or as I now refer to it, The Dark Ages, 2.0.

Seeing these girls putting themselves together so decisively, right down to their creative uses of colour and accessories, made me realise that those of us who thought we were being cool, minimalistic, carefree, and low-maintenance in the 90s with our flip-flops and our slouchiness...well, we were most likely just being slobs.  These girls are doing it for real.


  1. Great pics- and I love the plaid style of the first girlie! How inspiring students street style is- they can truly focus on dressing to fit their spirit than conform- ah the pleasures of 21st century living!

  2. I too was a student in the early 90s and your comments about that time cracked me up! I teach college and have to say that not all students are all that well put together, though many are. I think the biggest mistake some of them make is to be slaves to fashion, wearing what's in style rather than what looks good on them. (Improperly applied) false eyelashes are top on my list of those mistakes, as are much too revealing clothes for 8:30am classes. Super low cut jeans were way up there too but, happily that trend has passed.

    All that said, I get a lot of fashion ideas from my students. I just have to remember that I'm not nineteen!

  3. If you''re 127,000 then I'm 250,000!Those lovelies you photographed today will look back on these pics in horror 20 years from now.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  4. You really know what works for you


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