Would You Go There?

photo courtesy The Fader

I know you've seen it. But now we must discuss it. Yes, we must. We must learn to face our fears head-on, and I'm not showing you anything here that you have not already seen. So chins up. Let's do this. Céline Spring 2013: The Pool Sandal.

This shoe is proof-positive that head designer Phoebe Philo can pretty much do whatever she wants. A designer of lesser standing (say, one that isn't considered the reigning queen of chic modern minimalism) showing such an offering would likely have been dismissed out of hand.  But with Philo, we are left looking at these sturdy, sensible-looking treads that are lined in mink...yes mink, and asking ourselves what does it all mean?

photo courtesy 10 Magazine

But here's the thing. Like you, when I first saw this back during the spring collections I guffawed and snorted, made the obligatory Birkenstock reference,  and filled the immediate space around me with sartorial righteous indignation. But now, as the spring collections are in front of us in magazines and in shops, I'll admit that it's growing on me. Not enough to go out and buy a pair of mink sandals mind you, but to consider the whole that is made up of the sum of its parts.  Here it is in context (in red fur). This is my favourite look form the Céline spring collections, and the one you see a lot of in campaigns.

photo courtesy Vogue

In this context, this works. Sure, there are other shoes I would probably rather see with this look for a serious night out, but you have to admit, this is consistent with Philo's louche, effortless appeal that defines the Céline brand.  And in considering this look, something in me has changed. I would consider a slide again. There, I said it. Especially with a loose-fitting trouser like this. I have not thought about a slide since the 90s (and we all know how I feel about the 90s).

But wait....I'm remembering something here. I've already gone there. A few times. Every few years, I go through a phase where I think I might want a pair of Birkenstock-like sandals again. Don't ask me why, they don't even fit my narrow feet that well. I think it is the idea of the carefree lifestyle that supposdly goes hand in hand. Maybe it's because I'm a liberal and a dietary vegan (true), and I feel it is my duty. Anyway, in the early 90s, what I needed was a version of these.

Naot sandal, photo courtesy Zappos

Fast-forward ten years later, when I was in grad school. A friend had a pair of these, and I just had to get some too. 

Betua Krystle: photo courtesy amazon

Truth be told, I still have an affinity for the bling on that last one. Oh dear.  What does it all mean?


  1. Once again we are somewhat mimicking each other as far as topic goes LOL.
    Would I wear any of those? Not a chance! I have palsied feet and ugly toes. I don't need to shod them in ugly shoes - fur lined or not!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  2. I'd go there but I doubt they'd ever leave the house.


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