Greetings, and a pleasant day to you all. Today's offering: a Lilly Pulitzer corduroy "critter' skirt embroidered with wee Scottie dogs. Twee? I suppose it is. Or it could be. I have an unexplained attraction to some of the more unabashedly preppy clothing styles for reasons I have not entirely come to grips with. But I love dogs, and I love clothes, so let's just go with that for the time being.

A piece like this could easily look affected of mumsy, but like so much else in life, it is all down to what you do with it. I like to balance some of these more classic (or perhaps even kitschy) preppy pieces with something that has a bit of an edge. In this case my trusty black nine west boots with the stacked heels, and a super-bright fuchsia blouse.  So indeed while the real preppies of the world would undoubtedly look upon my interpretation of this skirt with an undetectable roll of the eyes, a clutch of the (Grandmother's) pearls,  and find it all just a bit too poseur arriviste....well...hey. I love dogs. And clothes.

The Stuff

Lilly Pulitzer corduroy embroidered skirt (old from Ebay)
J. Crew silk blouse (thrifted, then gifted by my mother). Similar with dot. Cool.
Boots: Nine West
Ring: My own. Similar here.
Sunglasses: Cynthia Rowley
Belt: H&M


  1. Love the blouse! I'd buy that one in a twinkling and it's a great colour on you too.

    I haven't been able to get into the cute animal pattern thing - I admire them in principal...

  2. Oh, I would have gone crazy for that skirt too, but never would have styled it as well as you. Well played, well played.

  3. I have a soft spot for cutesy prints. Well, it might be more of an addiction...haha. I love the skirt and your pictures are gorgeous!
    Penniless Socialite
    Jewelry Giveaway!

  4. You know I want that skirt, right? It's actually not kitschy the way you wear it. That pink shirt is pretty fab, too!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  5. Very cute... or should I say you kept it from being too cutesy?! Love how you made it modern! Your photos are fantastic too!

    xox ~chloe

  6. Love this - not twee at all. It looks fresh and modern, and has a bit of attitude. Thanks for sharing the great look with Visible Monday!

  7. What a great outfit! it look retro and modern at the same time. Your boots are fabulous.

  8. Those boots are to die for and I love dogs too so on a skirt even better. You styled is so right.

  9. Gorgeous pair of boots and get ensemble. My boots are already at the bottom of my shoe closet waiting for next winter and it is quite envious to see you still being able to sport yours :) Have a great week!


  10. Wow, didnt think the highlands could look any better ! hee hee xx xDicky Doo x x

  11. What a fun skirt! Love how you've put the whole outfit together, too.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  12. i love the animal print sensation and this skirt is a perfect way to wear it. You, at least made it look perfect, by adding that beautiful blouse and the boots, it is all around perfect.

  13. I love how you combined the cord skirt with that elegant blouse and that the blouse takes up the color of the doggy neckband.

  14. Love the look of you casually walking down the road. Utterly cool. Great look. Love those boots.

  15. No twee here, lassie! Just some tall, leggy booted chic with an embroidered pup or two. No problem here. You look grand.

  16. Hi there visting from Patti's
    love and love this skirt! such a find
    I love Lilly Pulitizer clothes!


  17. I'm with Sandy. I love that photo of you walking down the road, sunglasses on, hair blowing a tad.

  18. Hello
    visiting from Patti's & love your skirt! Looks cool with the boots.


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