Foosh in this case is more opposed to a wrist-fracture (as in FOOSH;  Fall On OutStretched Hand).  No, this is foosh, as in a whirlwind of air, netting, and fringe.  See? Foosh!

This is a whimsical buy from H&M. One of those things I would have walked right by not so long ago. I mean, it's fun fur for goodness sake! How gauche! (Those of you who knit will be smirking right now).

But here is where you have to sometimes tell that inner voice, the one that tells you something you are attracted to is not for you because it's too young, too crazy, too have to tell that voice to shut up and sit down. If you see something that looks fun, try it on. You'll either be pleasantly surprised, or get a good belly laugh. Either way, it's a win-win.

 I tried this on just for giggles, and instantly fell in love with it. This top sort of mimics the big Mongolian fur jacket trend that you have been seeing in all the Fashion Week shoots (it mimics it without all the volume, thankfully, and in a much more manageable bolero form).  More importantly, it is a helluvua lot of fun to wear. And that, dear readers, is why we are all here, is it not?

I paired it with some light denim boot cut jeans and a tank, which I swapped after the first few shots for a looser blouse, because it just felt better (the tank just didn't lay right) and I thought the layering was more interesting. But either way, there's kind of a 70's thing going on, isn't there?

The Stuff

Bolero: H&M
Shoes: Naturalizer (old) Similar


  1. I'm in love! I could never wear that bolero but on you it's a dream. Glad you listened to your inner "fun" voice ;-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  2. Kristen look, you've started a trend!

  3. It looks good. If you would have just verbally described it to me I wouldn't have said it was you- but I love how you wear it, how it looks on you. So Swoosh. Supercool Woman +oosh.


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