After my discovery of my newfound love of orange lipsticks last week,  I have re-directed some of my cosmetic (as opposed to cosmic) energy into finding that perfect, biohazard bin-liner shade of orange. On a budget, of course. It is orange lipstick we're talking about here, after all.

In what was really an act of pure luck, I was rushing through Boots in Glasgow last week on my way to an appointment, and I managed to slow down just long enough for this fabulous lipstick to fall into my basket.  And then when I wasn't looking, this second one also jumped into my basket (without the fruit salad in tow).

This second one is probably the brightest lipstick I have ever purchased in my entire life. It is very literally a tube of neon. And it lasts. Way longer than those frozen raspberries did. I ate them immediately after I took this shot. And yes, I realize that technically, they were sort of touching what might be construed as the ground. If it doesn't kill me, I'll get stronger, right?

The orange one is totally rad. Very true orange indeed. This is the colour I have been waiting for for spring and summer. I think that because we have only been seeing the orange lip for a few fashion cycles now, it still looks fresh and unexpected.

Both of these are part of my campaign to expand my personal definition of the strong lip. As I said last week, the strong lip is totally your friend when your hair is gray. It adds a bold swipe of no-nonsense, serious-about-having-fun colour, and in doing so, elevates your mood.


Maybelline Color Sensational in Electric Orange (912)


  1. Krtistin, you look amazing in both colors!!! I can hardly wait to get over there and find the nearest Boots...

  2. You look so funny with your facial expressions in these pics! That being said, I do love how they brighten up your face. I cannot do those colors as they have too much of a yellow or bright base in them. I am really more of a purple-base color person and even that in a subdued shade. The lipstick hues are super bold and perfect for a fun pop of color this spring!

  3. They both look great and not ridiculously bright at all - fairly undemanding make up on your eyes etc help keep it all in balance. Also, your skin is amazing.

  4. I know you like Lisa Eldridge. Check out "the french touch up" It's a fabulous French blogger who is now going to be blogging in English. She starts out with the products she uses for face care. I'd been following her even though I had no idea what she was saying.

  5. I love that second lipcolor - it is very neon but in the best way.

    Orange I can't do. I love it on others but haven't been able to find one I like on myself. I tend to stick to a red, bright pink and purple.

  6. The colours are fabulous and perfect for you.
    I love how you presented them :-)

    Lady of Style

  7. Yowza indeed! You have a great complexion for theses shades of orange.


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