Packing it in: The Dresses

We are going to Thailand early next week. My husband and I are both very excited, as we were there last year and absolutely fell in love with it.  But do not despair...I have been scheduling posts ahead of time, preparing for my absence, so it will be business as usual here on the blog. Plus dispatches from abroad, WiFi permitting.

Since I was at home today, I thought I would throw a few things for the trip in a pile,  in preparation for when the suitcases come out. Hubby and I are last-minute packers. I am a great believer in this philosophy, especially for a warm-climate trip. When you pack far in advance, you run the risk of throwing something else in the suitcase every time you walk past it. Or taking something out, thinking you will edit your travel wardrobe, and not putting something else back in, intentionally or not. You also run the risk of being that girl on the plane who has to ask someone to help her lift her carry-on into the overhead (which flight attendants these days will generally refuse to do) because it is so crammed full of stuff. I do admit to making lists on occasion prior to a trip if I'm feeling super-organized, but generally for what is essentially a beach vacation, I am of the philosophy that as long as you have your passport, ticket, and a functioning bank or credit card, anything you leave behind can be replaced, but chances are, you probably won't miss it all that much anyway.

So today, I decided to focus on dresses. One-piece tee and shirtdresses are the workhorses of my warm weather vacation wardrobe. They are easy to wear, look nice, and can be dressed up or down with something as simple as a white shirt over the top of a different shoe choice.  Here is what has gone into gone into the mix so far.

Clockwise from top left: Michael Kors beaded linen tunic dress (old), Trina Turk (past season),  Thakoon Addition maxi (last season), French Connection racerback tank dress (last season), New Look t-shirt dress, Lilly Pulitzer Worth shift dress (past season), Vintage Chadwicks linen floral dress, floral tunic shirtdress, ASOS (last season). 

That's eight looks that I just packed in under ten minutes! If you look closely, you'll see that I have on the same flat, neutral sandals with a lot of these looks. For me, that is the key to an underweight beach vacation suitcase. There is simply no need to bring a million pairs of shoes. Pick something that goes with everything and is comfortable, and one pair that is dressier, just in case.  You'll be in flip-flops and a bathing suit most of the time anyway.

What about you guys? Are you an over-packer or a minimalist?


  1. I find casual, warm weather vacations the easiest to pack for. Like you've shown, a few lightweight dresses, a couple pair of sandals...boom. Besides, you'll be in that bikini a good part of the time, I'll bet! ;-)

    I'm making final choices for my 12-piece capsule for our UK trip. Will have pics up tomorrow. Looks like your neck of the woods will be a"brisk" during our visit! Lots of sweaters in the mix.

    1. Brisk is a good word for what it it here. I nearly dies shooting some of those pics you see above. You will likely get some good weather as well while you are here, but this spring/summer has started off unseasonably cold, and there is a lot of moisture in the air here, so it tends to feel colder than it is.

  2. I'm an over-packer. I don't have a black-based wardrobe so I always end up with something in a color that doesn't mix perfectly with everything else. For destination-type vacations -beach, camping- I have a pretty good wardrobe so usually I throw those things in and hope for the best.

  3. I am an over-packer as well! :( And of course, I always manage to bring too much stuff and don't get to wear nearly any of it! I guess that after moving from one country to another and moving a number of houses as well I learnt that less stuff= best solution, so I hope that my next holiday trip will look like yours! A bunch of dresses, flip flops, sandals and that's it! XD That sounds like a ideal holiday! Have fun in Thailand and bring a nice sun tan back! (and pictures for us to enjoy of course!)

  4. Ooh, lucky you! I've never been but hear it's gorg. I agree that you can't go wrong with esy-Peary slip-on dresses, especially when traveling. I love the second one. I'm probably an over-packer as I'm not a seasoned traveller. I like having options and hate feeling like I don't have anything appropriate, warm enough, etc for the occasion. Happy travels!

  5. Having to pay extra for carry on has meant our recent trips have been carry on only. And guess what, we were fine! It's amazing what you can fit into a carry on - easily enough for four-five days.

    My only issue with dresses is if, unlike you, we have slightly chubbier legs, chaffing can be an issue in hot climates. I've taken bike short length control shorts to wear under dresses and skirts which have sorted me out nicely.

  6. 100% overpacker ;-) I am currently in Portugal and took 7 pairs of shoes plus I bought a new pair in Lisbon today :-)

    Enjoy your time in Thailand, I have been there a couple of times and love it!

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