Plaidly in Love

You may remember a post not so long ago wherein I admitted my attraction to the frightening, so-bad-it's actually-kind-of-good potential of graphic sweaters. Well, I've gone there...albeit, I did take my time. At first, I thought my attraction to these (mostly) big plaid patterns had something to do with the fact that they were irreverent and in-your-face; the clothing equivalent of the bad boy who pulls up outside on his motorcycle and just revs the engine until you come out, instead of coming up to the door to properly pay respect to your parents and cut a potential deal on what time you might be brought home.

So I decided to wait. I figured that if it is like everything else that is terrible for you, whether it be macaroons or emotionally inaccessible boyfriends, I would just wait and see if my attraction was based on reality versus the thrill of the bad. I'm happy to report that it was real.  And my very grown-up wait and see approach also afforded me the thrill of finding one of my graphic sweaters on sale. So naturally I did what anyone would do. I bought the sweater, and then promptly added this tee-shirt to my virtual cart, thereby negating the discount afforded by the sale of the original sweater. As one does. The sweater however,  is saving itself for another post. Let's look at the tee.

The strength of a graphic print like this works well against the backdrop of something equally strong, in this case a "leather" pant. These are not leather pants. They are actually coated denim, and are therefore about a zillion times more comfortable, not to mention affordable, than leather pants.

Wearing plaid is also a tried and tested method to get a compliment from my Scottish husband. It must be in the DNA. When I walked down the stairs in this tee, he instantly lit up, and complimented my shirt. But I have other theories about why he likes this particular plaid. It looks a fair bit like something else we see a lot of over here.

The Stuff

Pants: La Redoute coated denim jeans (old). Similar here for a STEAL.
Booties: Dune
Jewellry (from my collection)
My wedding band. 


  1. Thanks for dropping by :)! Love your personal style as well :)
    xo, Lara

  2. Oh, it's fabulous!! What a fun print.

  3. That's a fab tee - I can see how it leaped into your cart! Love the coated denim too. Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday.

  4. Ok, this is one of my favorite outfits, ever. I love the modern chic, edgy and tough girl appeal and a plaid? Tee? YES. Yes yes yes yes! You are rad. In plaid.

  5. OH my--LOVE it!! You an't go wrong with plaid AND leopard. Those boots are killer!!

  6. Love it, love it, love it! I couldn't pull that Tee off with my body shape but on you it's amazing! You look terrific in that bold, colorful print!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  7. Ha! Your husband sounds funny. I love that shirt and scarf combo!

  8. Looking great in that gorgeous t-shirt, and love the sexy trousers and boots, so glam!

    Do pop by my blog to say hello if you get the time.


  9. Yup, waving the flag is a tried and true way to get attention from a certain segment of the male population! But you deserve it for the incredible taste that put that ultra-cool outfit together. Really, understated glamour, as always from you. I aspire to pulling off the cool-girl look, but I am just not cool. You, however, don't really have to work too hard at it, and if you do ... you pull it off insanely well. Impressive!
    Been thinking of ways to keep my coated jeans like yours and my ultra minimal black booties in the rotation for spring. I absolutely appreciate the inspiration.

  10. Jan, there is no such thing as needing to be cool enough. There isn't a course that you go on to get a certificate. You just wear what you love. That's what this blog is about. Try it. Put it on, and you'll be surprised at how your wardrobe will expand. I would do the coated jeans with a pair of platform or block-heeled sandals for spring with a lightweight floaty blouse for contrast. Maybe you just gave me a post idea. Thanks!

  11. Loving the print on that top, and I love how you combined the scarf and top together! So cute!

  12. I love, love, love your blog! You have an amazing style, this outfit is so perfect.

    You have a new fan!

    xoxo Julieta

    1. Thank you Julieta, and welcome. I haven't been at it for that long, so that is encouraging!

  13. Great mix! Casual and hip, looks effortless and cool.

    blue hue wonderland


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