Sunday Extra: The Whale is Back!

This is a sperm whale swimming past the front of our house. It has been swimming around in the Oban Bay and the Sound of Kerrera for the past week. Sperm whales are very deep water whales, and they feed on squid. This one is very, very far from home. Scientists at the local marine science centre have determined that it is a young male, probably lost and separated from his family. This is sad, but not as sad as if he were sick and dying, which we originally thought might be the case as whales from time to time come into the shallows when they know they are not right.  Right now, rumour is that they are waiting for some type of underwater whale siren to come up from England. The siren makes the sound of a pod of orcas, the archenemy of sperm whales (they separate the young calves from their mothers and feed on them). Another whale siren that sounds like a female sperm whale (hubba hubba!) will be affixed to another boat and they will try to push/entice the young chap back out into the deeper waters where he can find food more readily. So the story goes. Will keep you updated.


  1. Thank you for sharing! How amazing this happens in front of your house. I also watched the BBC story and googled how way up north you live.
    Keep us posted please!

    Lady of Style

  2. Wow. That's amazing. I will keep my fingers crossed.


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