40 is the new 40: My Mom

This week's contributor to the 40 is the New 40 series is none other than my mother, who turned 71 in February.  Mom is a living, breathing example of how radically changing one's style after a certain age is not necessary, and probably not advisable if you have a very distinct personal style, which my mom very much does. She has not really ever changed her passion for clothes or her personal style much (trends notwithstanding), instead choosing to use her superior thrifting and sewing skills to focus on finding well-made clothing that speaks to her and making the garments fit properly. Her sartorial choices...well, the photos speak for themselves.

40 71 is the New 40 

The Highland Fashionista and Style Star of The Week (I still call her Kristin), asked me to send something for her blog.  So last weekend, her sister and I  headed outside to shoot some pictures with a new camera.  Then today, their Dad finished up the task (with his new camera).   

The girls and I have always been ardent thrift shoppers, and many of the things photographed for this blog are thrifted. Over the years, I have tweaked the fit of thrifted items...serging cashmere sweaters into a smaller sizes, letting down coat and jacket sleeves, changing hems on pants and skirts, narrowing sleeves and pant legs that are too wide, and removing collars from shirts. For me, doing those things is almost as fun as the shopping. None of the clothing in these pictures has been altered however, because sometimes things just fit.

Top Photo: thrifted silk skirt, peplum top (TJ Maxx)


  1. Hi Mom! (waves) I see you both have striking good looks and great style. I love seeing this! Wonderful and joyful woman "dressing her age" in an up to date, chic and vibrant way.

  2. Hi Kristin's Mom! You have great style and look fabulous!

  3. I want to look like your Mom when I'm 71. Heck, I'd like to look like her when I'm 55. You are lucky you swam in the "forever young" gene pool.

    I can see where the apple doesn't fall far from the style tree.



  4. 71??!! I simply cannot believe that...
    What an amazing style and figure (look at her legs and upper arms!) your gorgeous mum has.
    And her fabulous hairstyle adds to her stunning look.
    I especially like the blue dress for the class reunion and would have loved to see her classmates' faces when they saw her ;-)

    Thanks for sharing these photos, Kristin.

    Lady of Style

  5. It is so wonderful to see a mature woman looking up to date and amazing! You all have been blessed with good genes but also good sense of style! Thank you for sharing, at 71 you look amazing!!!!!

  6. Your Mom is beautiful! No other words really. She does prove that age is a number, and just that. Fantastic. Yup, she looks amazing.

    Sue xo

  7. Jeez, Kristin, I thought when I grew up I wanted to look like you, but forget that -- I want to look like your Mom! (I'm 42, fwiw.)

  8. Wow, your mom looks great! Does she have any lifestyle/exercise/diet tips for us?!

  9. Your mother is beautiful just like you. I can't believe she is 71!! Do you both have any tips for us? Marie S

  10. She is 71??? I want to look like that now (am 47)
    Great style, great shape, great hair- now we know why it comes naturally to you!

  11. Kristine, your mom is stunning! You ave good genes, I was telling Roberto that your skin looked flawless and he agrees! I love the first outfit of peplum top and skirt.. she's rocking them! Hi, Mom! You are awesome and so is your daughter!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  12. OMG - is that your mom?? I'm in shock that she's 71! She is fantastic and gorgeous, and I see where you get it! What a great idea to have a post with her in it.
    XO ~Kim @ popcosmo.com

  13. Seriously? You two better pray nobody raids your attic and finds those portraits!
    Not only does Mom look fantastic, she also has impeccable taste in clothing. That's something all of can aspire to ;-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  14. "Mom" is lovely. She is an inspiration to me. Superb sense of style. As commented earlier she will have to share her secrets with us.

  15. Wow, I've been a lurker here for about a month but had to comment after seeing this post. Your mom is stunning! There's nothing else that I can say. Stunning! Any lucky you. You've inherited those fabulous genes!


    1. Welcome Rita, I'm hoping that this is genetic. I am going to have to see about her sharing her beauty secrets next I think, By popular demand.

    2. Please encourage her to do that! She's certainly all the proof needed that her secrets do indeed work.


  16. Wow, beautiful, elegant, ageless. What an inspiration.

  17. a) Your mom is gorgeous!
    b) You two look SO MUCH alike!

  18. Oh my gosh! I want to have a cocktail with your mom! She seems like a doll, I love her "just gonna stand around in these shoes" comment. So cute. I think it's amazing she's a thrifter and re-shaper. I think it's an art that is dying with younger generations, and I admire women who can use their sewing skills for sartorial makeovers.
    She's a total babe!

  19. WOW! She is gorgeous. I can see where you get your beauty.
    I hope to be half as gorgeous and half as stylish as she is at 71. Really incredible!

  20. How on earth is she 71!?! She really seriously looks about 20 years younger and very stylish.

    I am jealous of your genes!

  21. Your mom is WOW. Please do more posts about her and her style. Would love to know her skin and makeup routines. It's so fun to learn all about the more mature view on style and glamor.


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