Cheap and Easy Saturday

If you were to tell me that my look was cheap and easy, I would say thanks very much. Sometimes, piling-on layers and layers of complicated pieces is just not what is in order. There is real life to navigate, and as much as I love pushing my sartorial envelope, there are days when you just want to do something easy.  I'm a big fan of an interesting t-shirt and a plain pair of jeans for casual weekend stuff, and if you've been reading you will already be familiar with my obsession with anything with various animals printed on it. I'm wearing heels in the pic, but really I would probably wear converse sneakers if I were just going to be about the house. See? Easy.

And now for the cheap. This outfit is a walking high street clearance sale. This top was £12.99, the jeans were £9.00 on sale, the shoes were £7.00 on sale, and the bracelets, though old, I believe were $1.00 and £3.00. Also a good reminder to never pay too much for costume jewellery. Shop secondhand, or look at the sale pile first!

The Stuff

T-shirt and Jeans: both New Look
Bracelets: Old Navy, New Look (old)


  1. It is not about the price... great finds!
    Your pumps look really good quality and classy.

    Lady of Style
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  2. I really like your outfit especially the shoes. I tend not to shop in TK Maxx. What a bargain! Must go and look there more often. Marie S

  3. On previous posts I've always loved your shoe-game and you don't fail to deliver on this post either. The snakeskin print is totally you. I know what you mean about over complicating things. It is easy to over dress, add too many accessories and layers when something simple, like this will work better.

    Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog and leaving an insightful comment. I hope to see you over there again real soon, and thank you for sharing your fab look with us.

  4. Such a great look. Love the little elephants, and the shoes are AWESOME!!

    I hope you'll keep an eye out on my blog later today. I'll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.



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