Graphic Sweater

Ta-daa! If you've been following you will have heard my ramblings about graphic sweaters, and the bargain-hunting saga of one in particular that I had been stalking online.  Well, here it is. It was on sale for £14.

It is an oversized style, quite boxy, so I like to style it with something small on the bottom. I would have probably gone for skinny jeans here (I don't really like leggings unless I'm taking a dance or yoga class), but I feel like everything I wear lately is skinny jeans, so I wanted to do something a bit different for a change. The weather is slowly.....sloooowwwwwly getting warmer, so I decided to dare some bare legs and a skirt in a bright, contrasting colour. The pieces are bold and bright, and I found that I didn't really need much else in the way of accessories. I wore my violet reading glasses for the pics because I thought they looked cool with the sweater, but the reality is, I'm really not supposed to wear them for anything other than reading as there is nothing wrong with my long-range eyesight, and essentially I just risk falling down the stairs or walking in front of a bus if I try to wear them all the time. Which probably explains the look on my face in this next shot.

Such is the power of the graphic sweater...

The Stuff

Graphic sweater: ASOS
Skirt: J. Crew (old via Ebay), but they have a great one this season here.  
Booties: Dune (past season), these from Kohls are a serious bargain!
Earrings: Honora (old), similar here.
Glasses: Tommy Hilfiger (past season), similarly-shaped frames here.


  1. Love, the sweater and the booties...I can see why you had your eye on it!! Have a great week ahead!

  2. I love the tassel on those booties - what a great detail!! Got me thinking about some great new DIYs... haha!
    XO ~Kim @

  3. This is so stylish--you look great!

    blue hue wonderland


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