Mildly Distressed

Looking for the perfect pair of subtly-distressed jeans? So was I. I'm not talking about ripped jeans here. Not holes, per se, I don't really like that look. What I am after is that perfect amount of distress; that not-quite-a-hole, worn-in look that my husband seems to be able to do do to his jeans after wearing them for all of four minutes. Pity we're not the same size.

I've felt like a sucker in the past by buying a pair of "pre-distressed jeans". They were okay, I suppose. But the distress is never quite the way you would have done it yourself. Storebought distressed jeans always look like they have been robo-distressed; they have perfectly-formed, nearly square holes that usually are only on the front of the jeans. Invariably, they will end up having big, gaping holes in the knees because they always seem to put the "distress" right where your knee bends, and before you know it, you have an ever-widening, gaping mouth of an opening in your jeans that you never really intended or wanted.

Fed up with high street robo-distressed jeans, I took matters into my own hands. I encourage anyone to try this at home. It was kind of therapeutic sawing-away at my old jeans. Just make sure you stop yourself from going overboard!

That's it. Those little patches you have distressed will age naturally as you wear and wash. Sure, you may end up with a hole or two eventually, but it will be a natural hole that you chose, not a gaping computer-generated robo-hole that looks like it was fashioned by engineers. So your final step is just to put them on and go about your life. Simples.

Calvin Klein Jeans (old)
New Look tee (old), similar here.
Shoes: Bass weejuns, get them here.
Belt: H&M (old), similar here for a steal!


  1. LOVE it! and love that I can decide where the eventual holes will go :) Such an easy and cute idea, which are always the best!

    XO ~Kim @

  2. More photos with the bearded boy!

  3. I pinned this. I've loved distressed denim since I first saw Farrah Fawcett wear it in the 70's? 80's? Okay...I just told my age. Debbie @


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