Peekaboo Spine

From the front, this looks like just your average sleeveless safari vest, but turn around and lo and behold.....the peekaboo spine!

I think I was drawn to this vest because it reminds me of the clothes made by Dion Lee, who is one of my favourite designers, but whom I simply cannot afford. His clothes have these interesting, anatomical-looking details that remind me of a map of the nervous system, or perhaps a dermatome chart. 

Dion Lee Resort 2013. Photo courtesy

My vest was £20 on sale at River Island.  It says it is a size UK 10 which would make it a US 6, and it fits me (I'm a 10), so clearly it is meant to be oversized, but it was the only one in the shop, and beggars can't be choosers.

This is actually quite a versatile layering piece, and I look forward to being able to wear it most of the year.

The Stuff

New Look Jeans (last season); similar here

Sandals (gift): similar.


  1. You're back in Scotland, right? How come you're not freezing limbs off in that outfit? I'm struggling to dress warmly enough for the bitter wind in Bristol at the moment...

    Cute jeans, though. :)

    1. Hi Birdy,
      Still in Thailand but am sitting at Bangkok airport as I write this about to head for home. I have heard that spring and summer seem to be giving us a miss in the UK. I'm actually sweating as I write this, so I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.


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