The Texas Tuxedo Rides Again

Howdy there partners! Today I have decided to brave the horrendously cold winds, intermittent deluges, and poor photographic lighting to celebrate my American roots with my version of an All-American classic from the Lone Star state. The denim-on-denim look, otherwise known as the Texas Tuxedo,  has been enjoying a bit of a resurgence over the past few seasons. Though denim with denim was at one point firmly placed on my "not going to happen" list (as were skinny jeans, printed trousers, orange lipstick, and gray hair, all of which I now sport with pride), the "give it a try" neurological pathway in my brain seems to have been activated now that I am in my forty-first year. Go figure.

The Stuff

Cropped Denim Jacket: Michael Kors via Ebay, similar.
Tommy Hilfiger Skirt via Ebay, similar.
Converse One-Star sneakers (Target), originals here.
New Look bracelet (old), similar here for four bucks!


  1. I have seen more denim on denim recently and you look great in it! Fabulous legs...!
    My daughter nicked my old classic jeans jacket ;-)

    Lady of Style
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  2. You are SO cool! (does that date me? duh) Seriously, love your style. Wish I were young enough to pull it off.

    1. You are. I encourage you to try will surprise yourself. I'm not exactly 24 either...


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