Black and Tan

As I packed-up my suitcase to return to the UK, I realized that (not counting all of the stuff I acquired while in the US) all of the stuff I packed for my week at home was either black, white, or camel.  Out of character for me perhaps, but it certainly made dressing for the week into a no-brainer. Sometimes, that is exactly what is required.

I have already bored you to tears with my love letter to tunics, so I will resist the urge to do so again. Okay, maybe just for a minute...ready? (Deep breath)  I love tunics and I got this Michael Kors beaded linen tunic on Ebay for like ten bucks and it looks really great with khaki or white and what's even better is that you don't have to mess with a lot of accessories because the beading sort of takes care of that for you and the wrinkliness of the linen keeps the whole thing from looking too formal but it is actually perfect for a warm summer's day and you manage to feel pretty while sweating it out in the heat and how often can you say that!?

(Aaand breathe....)

There. Was that under a minute? It kind of helps it along when you don't waste time with punctuation. 

The Stuff

Michael Kors beaded linen tunic via Ebay, similar sleeveless look here.
Jones New York khaki "cargo" skirt (old), similar here. 
Franco Sarto sandals, thrifted
Sunglasses thrifted.


  1. I like this look a lot! I haven't been on ebay recently and may have to go there again, I need to sell a whole lot of stuff first though...

    Your sunglasses are fabulous too and give your outfit a very sophisticated touch.

    Lady of Style

  2. This is such a fabulous look! And I'm with ya on the tunics.

  3. Great to see you showing off your fabulous pins in that lovely outfit! I love the embroidery on that tunic.


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