Finding The Perfect White Pant

One of the great things about getting older is knowing when pieces of clothing will work for you just by looking. Something about the shape, the cut of the pant just sort of know.

Despite my relative fashion adventurousness I am hyper-picky about white pants. They have to be just so: not too tight (sausage casing), not too thin (pocket lining showing through...gah!), a decent fabric (no thin, shiny, clingy rayon), back pockets that are not too bulky (I don't need a fatter-looking ass, thanks very much) see? I'm difficult. I have demands.

When I saw these brand-new Calvin Klein trousers on US eBay for $22.00, I knew they would be for me, even from across the Atlantic. They are a lovely luxurious fabric, are lined (yessss!), flat front, flat back pockets, and are just the right length to give you that nice break in the pant leg. Major score. These are forever pants. I got so excited about these pants that I ran outside to shoot these photos without ironing them. I hate ironing.

Keepin' it real people. That's how I roll.

The Stuff

Calvin Klein pants (eBay), very similar
Lilly Pulitzer shirt (old), similar
Naturalizer shoes (old), similar
New Look Bracelet (old), similar
Gold-plated coin ring (old), lovely similar style
My wedding set (my own...obviously), similar channel-set bands herevery similar solitaire and channel set ring here.


  1. Those pants are a real find, and fit you beautifully! Pockets that show through is a pet peeve of mine too.

  2. Perfect look! Love that you chose subtle accessories that don't overpower the white-on-white

  3. They are lovely - I like this look - and agree with you about the pockets showing through.

  4. They look perfect on you.
    I love the pop of yellow of your nails.
    Have a lovely Monday.

  5. I am so with you on the right white trousers.
    Some too tight ones just look cheap... I like this flared cut a lot, you look very sophisticated.
    Great purchase on eBay!!

    Lady of Style

  6. Thanks for clarifying about that wedding set. I was worried ;-P
    The pants are epically good and a coup, as usual. I really like you in all white as well. Nice job!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  7. Love the white and no color look. Very classy looking. You certainly can get it together!

  8. Perhaps a little late but I have to say you look stunningly beautiful, the ensemble is very flattering!


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