Forever 41

See that smug look on my face? That's because I just got a good deal on some shorts. Shorts are something that sneak up on me every year. I rarely buy them, because like white pants, they have to be just so.  Nice flat fronts, no pleats (pooching below the bellybutton is a bad look), no cuffed hems that aren't stitched-down (nightmare to iron), and a length that is just right to go with my longer tunics so they stick out the bottom and cover all the bits they are supposed to, without being so long that they unbalance the look. I usually get frustrated and leave the shop with no shorts. Then over the course of the season,  I forget that I still don't have any shorts, not needing them very often as the summer is so brief here, and when I go to put an outfit together with shorts...lo and behold, I come up empty.

I got these particular shorts at Forever 21 in Glasgow for about £12 (a good price to pay when you live somewhere where the summer is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of an arrangement).  I love browsing in Forever 21, although I have a hard time finding things that fit me, and think they should rename the shop Forever 5'3".  And yes, I know that I am not exactly their target demographic, but I would point out that I was, at one time, a 21 year-old, and was just as tall as I am now. Perhaps even a wee bit taller. Luckily with shorts, such things as pant length and long-waistedness are mostly irrelevant. Mostly.

These are a cute eyelet cotton (lined!) in a simple cut. Crisper than some of the lace offerings in the stores, but still girly enough to make my beloved Lilly Pulitzer tunic into a look.

I would also like to give a big shout-out to whomever (probably Anna Wintour) decided that Ferragamo-esque block heels were coming back this season. I am so happy to have something other than stilettos to choose from, and this new selection of flatter shoes looks fresh again. These sandals were obtained on the same shopping spree, and will likely be the first in a succession of shorter, blocky heels for me. I thought they were the perfect summer shoe to complete some of the more sixties-inspired summer looks I have hanging in my closet.

The stuff that makes me smile smugly 


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